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Mez is about helping others, whether by travel, finance, whatever it may be... if she has knowledge or has discovered something, she aims to share it to assist someone else! She's friendly and encouraging which makes working with her all the better!


-Renise Welbon

"Great customer service... Efficient and thorough..."

-Andre Dandridge

"Excellent customer service, responsive, gets you fair pricing & knows what she is talking about. I like that she will give suggestions as well for things such as places to visit, places to eat, etc if she has been there herself. I definitely recommend booking with You Be Everywhere Travel Agency."

-Kizzie Williams

Mez travels, okay 💯. And always encourages ppl to travel especially our ppl!

-Jenell Reid

You Be Everywhere Travel Agency is booking our staff trip. She is so amazing and so nice! You should follow this page and check out the deals!!!

-Ashlei Mason

I heard my co-worker talking about planning these low-cost vacations to exotic destinations, but I wasn’t a believer. I was determined to plan my own trip! My wife expressed an interest in going to Rome, so I finally decided to give You Be Everywhere Travel Agency a chance. I was shocked!! Not only did she beat the price I was originally quoted by $7,000, but she was also able to accommodate my wife’s luxurious demands. Mezgeron was patient with us as we kept changing our minds/dates about where we wanted to go. She has knowledge about destinations that you can’t get anywhere else. I’m now a believer and I have told everyone I know to plan their vacations through You Be Everywhere Travel Agency. You won’t be disappointed!! I found a travel agent for life!


-Dan Choi








The Review gods are hating in my excellent reviews! For those of you who missed my rave review of Mez and ALL of her services, including YBET, I'm REPOSTING so y'all need to pull in close and RE-READ!! So Mez helped me out...a complete stranger, and as corny as it sounds, saved my life! She imparts her knowledge and wisdom in many areas (specifically finances for me so watch out for her financial advising business #hinthinthint#) and all she asks in return is that you help others by sharing what you learn. Her travel escapades are legendary and she's now taking THAT knowledge and using it to help US attain our travel badges at beautiful rates that won't cripple us! You'd be loathe to miss out on her'll regret it if you skip her advice! But please know, she's great at what she does and she puts her all into helping you get the best that you can...TRY IT, YOU WON'T REGRET IT!!!

-Renise Welbon

I appreciate Mezgeron contacting me after I filled out my quote request. She is very professional with the way she breaks everything down. It's a plus!

-Marleahia Hunter